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I wasn’t going to post about it but now I’m going to…

Apparently Michael Phelps was caught taking a bong hit. Everyone seems to be making a huge ass deal about it. So what, he smoked some weed. Big deal. Cannabis is safe (do some research). What he did was NOT wrong, illegal maybe but not wrong. People need to get over it.

I’m tired of all the bullshit around saying pot is bad and that it kills and all this other crap. Pot is safe, non-toxic, can’t kill you (unless you are allergic to it which is very very very rare), you can’t overdose on it, it has many thousands of modern uses, it won’t corrupt the youth, it won’t make you nuts and it will not make you aggressive.

All the stuff you hear from the DEA and other Anti-Drug organizations is total bullshit. Do yourself a favor and read ALL of the stuff at the following links. Yea it’s a lot of reading but your brain deserves to have some truthful knowledge. If you DON’T read ALL of the following, then you don’t care to know the truth. Ignorance isn’t bliss.

The real reason cannabis is illegal

10 Cannabis studies that the government wish they never funded

The truth about the War on Drugs (video)

Legalize it: Yes we can!