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These people are stupid.. but it does look fun (video)

Posted on February 13th, 2009 in cars, crazy, dumb, freeway, fun, insane, video, wow, wtf | 1 Comment »

Screw the tire!

Posted on January 12th, 2009 in cars, freeway, mechanic, screw, screwed, tire, tires, truck, trucks | No Comments »

So today was quite a day. After taking my wife’s grandmother to dialysis, dropping by the pharmacy to get prescriptions filled, getting a bite to eat and making our way over to the bank, our tire got screwed. Literally!

That’s right, we ran over a huge ass screw. At first I thought it was a rock stuck in the tread. Oh how I wish it was a rock.

Anyway, I got out the spare (a dinky one) and put it on and called the tire place where we had the warranty. Well they said they could replace it so we made our way about 20 miles down the freeway doing 45mhp to the tire place. On the way we seen some idiot knock the mirror off a transfer truck that was behind us. I bet they were pissed.

We did finally make it to the tire place, just to find out they won’t cover the cost of replacement because the tires looked worn from misalignment. Just an excuse. Well they did give us a discount on a new set but it still cost about $400.

So finally we made it back to the dialysis place to pick up my wife’s grandmother (about 3 hours late) and got some tacos and headed home. The car rides much better now. Now we just have to get the car aligned. Fun.

What a great day…

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