It seems to me that many people are scared of or scared to see bare feet. Why is this? You go barefoot to a local store and everyone stares at you like you’re some kind of freak. Sometimes you will get comments like “Why aren’t you wearing shoes?” or “You should be wearing shoes.” and sometimes you may even get mean remarks that I wont bring up here.

I want to know why is there such hatred of the bare foot. People who go barefoot a lot keep their feet clean and well maintained. The feet of those who barefoot may look dirty but the feet that are inside shoes all day are FAR dirtier. There are a huge number of germs and bacteria INSIDE of your shoes. Shoes are the perfect environment for bacteria growth and almost nobody ever washes their shoes.

The bare foot however stays dry and is cleaned every day (assuming the person washes themselves daily.. which everyone should). As long as feet are cleaned upon entering your home (equivalent to removing your shoes and socks then cleaning your feet) then you will never track in anything. Just taking off shoes without removing socks and cleaning feet will STILL track in bacteria!

The foot is amazingly tough also. I have been going barefoot a lot over the past couple of years and I can walk on gravel without issue, yet I can feel each pebble. I clean my feet every day with hot soapy water and a boar bristle brush. My feet are cleaner than virtually any shod feet.

Point is, people should not be scared of or scared to see or hate bare feet. I say that if a business doesn’t want barefoot customers, then they don’t want my business then.

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