My adopted bro is having an Anime event chat today and sunday. It will go all day and night pretty much.

What is an “Anime event chat”? Basically you go to a webpage that will load a java based IRC chat client and some specially selected Anime videos and you watch them and chat with others about them.

This Anime event chat is featuring “Ryofuko-Chan” (which I think is worth a watch). Stop by and hang out awhile. I will be in the chatroom myself once I get home from running errands today. If you like Anime and Chatting, then come to our event chat!

NOTE: TABot is a computer program. He learns from what people say and can be quite perverted. If he annoys you too much, say “hush tabot” and then “shut up tabot” without the quotes.

Click here to join the even chat. Just click “load the event chat” to load it.